Welcome to Niche Assurance

We are a management consulting firm that provides services to both public and private sector organizations. We specialize in business performance improvement (BPI), financial and compliance risk management, and cyber security at the core of our offerings. We integrate lean six sigma methodology with other business activities, and strategic planning processes to develop mission-specific, robust solutions that deliver sustainable results for customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

Our Services

Productivity Improvement
Performance improvement is optimizing the use of organizational resources to maximize the output of the set goals. We help you to achieve more with less resources, to eliminate waste in your processes, to reduce variation in process output to minimize errors and product defects.

Waste Elimination
Whatever your organization does that a customer would not be willing to pay for is waste. We help you to eliminate waste in your processes to improve customer satisfaction, cash flows, and profitability.

Process Variation Elimination
Variation or deviation of process output from the expected quality creates unreliable outcomes and is a major source of customer dissatisfaction. We help you to identify and eliminate sources of process output variation to boost customer loyalty and eliminate defective products and services.

Risk Mitigation
We assist you to identify, assess, prioritize, and mitigate the impact of events that can adversely affect the achievement of your goals.

Management Control and Visibility
We assist executive management and business owners to have a clear 3-D view of what is happening in their organizations. We help you to inspect what you expect by providing independent and unbiased assessment of your business controls.

Financial Stability
Healthy cash flows guarantee stability and opportunity for growth. We help you to improve cash flow generation, eliminate waste, and protect resources from fraud and abuse.

How we help

To create a high performance organization. High performance organizations deliver superior value to their stakeholders than competition. This is achieved through alignment of strategic goals with the supporting processes and resources. We ensure your processes are aligned with your goals, identify appropriate metrics to measure, and control the achievement of the goals.

To effectively manage risk and risk appetite. Risk taking is what creates prosperous societies. However, if left unmanaged, risk taking can and has ruined many organizations. We help you to identify, assess, prioritize, and control risk events. In addition, we leverage our expertise to help you manage risk taking appetite and set clear boundaries for healthy risk taking.

To achieve true information assurance to prevent attacks against the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of information systems. Our cyber security solutions enable you to improve the security of your information systems. We help you to mitigate risks by identifying vulnerabilities proactively before they are exploited by threat vectors.