Our Value Proposition

We help owners and managers of small and medium-sized companies to:

  • Take the guesswork out of business decision making process & make informed decisions
  • Identify the specific action items you must avoid to increase profits and cash flow
  • Spot the specific problems in your business which are eroding your cash flow
  • Implement strategies to immediately plug the profit-draining leaks in your business
  • Uncover the financial weaknesses that are threatening the survival of your business
  • Prioritize & focus your time on the business activities which provide the greatest financial gain
  • Increase the efficiency and productivity of your business  by over 50%
  • Link your critical business activities to the key financial metrics and measure performance
  • Sustainably improve the profits and cash flow of your business
  • Simulate impact of key strategies and decisions on future profits and cash flow
  • Improve your business’ financial health and operational sustainability
  • Prioritize critical action items to make the biggest difference in profitability and cash flow
  • Transition from an "Operator" to a "Business Owner" and produce sustainable business results
  • Identify exactly what is destroying your profits and sabotaging cash flow
  • Eliminate waste in your business processes
  • Improve quality of accounting information for better control and decision making
  • Reduce losses from regulatory non-compliance sanctions
  • Reduce fraud, waste, and abuse losses by over 60%
  • Assess and mitigate business operational, financial, cyber, and compliance risks

As trusted partners and advisors, we assist you to make better decisions and make more money through:

  • Prioritization and focus on where to get the maximum immediate impact
  • Problem root cause analysis to identify what is broken and what needs to be fixed
  • How to fix problems and maximize your business’ financial results and make money
  • Efficient business processes
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Deeper insights on risk management and mitigation
  • Better management visibility on what is happening in your business
  • Common sense checks and balances to minimize fraud, waste, and abuse losses
  • Cost reduction measures to generate higher profitability and cash flow

Our Goal
Our goal as your trusted partner and advisor is to help you create a successful business. We achieve this by leveraging our expertise and putting your interests above ours, acting with integrity, providing honest and objective advice free from any conflict of interest.

Our Technical Expertise and Capabilities
Our technical expertise and capabilities include:
1. Accounting and information systems design
2. Business process and performance improvement
3. Cyber security and information assurance
4. Enterprise risk management
5. Fraud prevention and detection
6. Enterprise risk management
7. Internal control design and implementation
8. Internal audit
9. Project management
10. Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance
11. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance
12. False Claims Act compliance

How We Deliver Solutions
We have built a reputation of delivering high quality solutions, on time, and within budget. To maximize the value of our solutions, we pay keen attention to the way we deliver the solutions. Client value is maximized when technical expertise is matched with a sound solution delivery process.

How We Deliver Solutions Resized1

We achieve this through:

  • True partnership & collaborative working environment
  • Deep understanding of your needs
  • Offering penetrating insights
  • Leveraging our expertise to solve problems
  • Offering unbiased and practical solutions
  • Helping you to transition from compliance to true assurance
  • Engaging stakeholders at all levels
  • Facilitating change & effective communication
  • Flexible & cost effective solutions that are 30%-40% lower than in-house solutions